Press the button to restart 2020英文演讲稿

时间:2022-04-10 04:53:33
Press the button to restart 2020英文演讲稿[此文共-1字]

Press the button to restart 2020

Hi everyone, Today I want share you something about challenge to all, and my topic is press the button to restart 2020. As we all know, life is a struggle with a lot of trouble.Yes, I know, you can use 3 whole days to spill `out your bitterness, but this time, not just you and me, all creatures on this planet are suffering a tough 2020.The Catastrophic fires in Australia, the locust plague in `Pakistan, the swine fever in Africa and the unparalleled virus all over the world. According to the latest statistic from WHO, on the pandemic alone, around 30 million people were faced with Death and980thousand were taken away.The pandemic is a grave challenge for the entire world.

At the beginning, it has caused an environment of fear and panic.Rumors and misinformation hampered the response to the virus, resulting in a series of problems. People were suggested not to leave the house if no par`ticular reason; public e`vents were tempo`rarilycanceled to reduce the risk of spreading the virus; economic upheaval as job losses mounted with the shuttering of businessesacross many industries. The world is `enveloped in darkness.

Despite the economic, social and personal impacts of the pandemic, we have witnessed the efferts in the fight between human and nature.All countries called for release of information and enhanced international co`operation. Our government took the decisive measure to close outbound traffic from Wuhan and set up a joint epidemic prevention and control `mechanism.Medical workers have made it possible to have patients with mild symptoms cured without delay. Our scientific professionals have made major contributions with their research in treating patients, developing vaccines, containing thee epidemic, and other important areas. Residents, `enter`prises, and social organizations have given a helping hand through various means and channels. The great spirit of fighting against the pandemic is an invaluable source of inspiration, and will always motivate us to overcome all difficulties and obstacles.

As students, there is also something we can do. We should enhance our awareness of danger, improving ourselves in all aspects to positively face any challenge. We must hold the belief that one day, those disasters will be defeated. After the storm comes the rainbow. The button is in our hands, let’s restart 2020!

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